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September 14th

3D CFD and applications

Session Chair: Ph. Gourbesville 

9:00-9:45 : Keynote

·         3D CFD Methods in Hydraulics: What to choose?
Dominique Laurence & Damien Violeau, EDF R&D, (France)


9:45-10:15: Coffee break

 10h15-12h35 : Session 11 : Hydraulic machinery (part 1)

Session Chair: T. Maitre


·         Numerical optimization of the guide vane axis location of a Francis turbine including flow uncertainties,
Olivier Brugiere, Guillaume Balarac, Olivier Metais and Christophe Corre, LEGI, CNRS, (France)

·         CFD based mathematical optimization of hydro turbine components using Cloud Computing,
Albert Ruprecht, Jakob Simader and Andreas Ruopp, (Germany)

·         Numerical simulation of pressure pulsations in Francis Turbines,
M.V. Magnoli, R Schilling, VOITH HYDRO, TU Munchen, (Germany)

·         Simulations of rotor-stator interactions with SPH-ALE,
Magdalena Neuhauser, Jean-Christophe Marongiu, Francis Leboeuf, Alexandre Dodier, Etienne Parkinson and Martin Rentschler, EC Lyon, ANDRITZ Hydro, Switzerland, MC Gill University, (Canada)

·         Numerical Investigation of the Flow Field in a Banki Turbine,
Giorgio Pavesi and Antonio Rossetti, University of Padova,(Italy)

·         Hydrodynamics of a Pump-Turbine Operation at Off-Design Conditions in Generating Model,
Vlad Hasmatuchi and François Avellan, EPFL, (Switzerland)

·         Numerical simulations of a counter rotating micro turbine,
Cecile Alligne, Sylvain Richard, Bastien Meier, Vlad Hasmatuchi and François Avellan, EPFL, (Switzerland)


10:15-12:15 Session 12 : 3D flows in the near field of structure

Session Chair: D. Laurence


·         Numerical modelling of two- and three-dimensional flow patterns in shallow rectangular basins,
Matthieu Secher, Jean-Michel Hervouet, Pablo Tassi, Eric Valette and Catherine Villaret, EDF R&D, EDF DPIH, Lab. St. Venant, (France)

·         RANS simulations of flow over dune with low lee and sharp lee angle,
Artemis Motamedi, Hossein Afzalimehr, Gerald Zenz and Majid Galoie, University of Technology, Iran, TU Graz, (Austria)

·         3D numerical modelling of a side channel spillway,
Géraldine Milési, Stéphane Causse, TRACTEBEL ENG. (France)

·         Particle Image Velocimetry measurement and Numerical Modeling of flow over gravel dune,
Artemis Motamedi, Hossein Afzalimehr, Gabriele Harb and Majid Galoie, University of Technology, Iran, TU Graz, (Austria)

.     Application of OPENFOAM® to the study of wave loads on offshore structures in shallow water , Aurélien Thinat, CFD Numerics, Stéphane Cordier, STXEUROPE, (France)

.     Flow and waves in a common tailrace channel of two pumped-storage plants - physical and numerical simulation,     Giovanni de Cesare, Sylvain Candolfi, Martin Wickenhäuser and Gaël Micoulet, EPFL, (Switzerland)


12:15-13:45: Lunch

13:45-16:05 : Session 13: Hydraulic machinery (part 2)

Session Chair: R. Schilling


·         3D RANS modelling of a cross flow water turbine,
Christian Pellone, Thierry Maitre and Ervin Amet,LEGI, (France)

·         Determination of surge tank diaphragm head losses by CFD simulations,
Sébastien Alligne, Primoz Rodic, Jorge Arpe, Jurij Mlacnik and Christophe Nicolet, Power Vision Eng, A.F Consult, Switzerland, Hidroinstitute, (Slovenia)

·         Double butterfly bypass valve,
Jerome Fouque, Julien Large and David Reungoat, KSB France, CETIM, Lab. I2M, (France)

·         The use of numerical modelling to optimise the placement of data-gathering equipment,
Julien Schaguene, Olivier Bertrand, Eric David, Pierre Roumieu, Gilles Pierrefeu, Karine Pobanz, Xavier Cornut and Laurent Tomas, ARTELIA group, CNR, ALSTOM POWER HYDRO, (France)

·         Non linear stability analysis of a mixed islanded power network,
Christian Landry, Christophe Nicolet and François Avellan, Power Vision Eng., EPFL, (Switzerland)

·         FPM simulations of a 3D impinging jet on a flat plate,
Christian Vessaz and Ebrahim Jahanbakhsh,LMH, EPFL, (Switzerland)


13:45-16:05 : Session 14 : Models for complex phenomena

Session Chair: G. Pavesi


·         Bubble-stirred melts in nuclear waste vitrification,
Delphine Gautheron, Armand Bonnetier, Emilien Sauvage, Jean-François Hollebecque, Patrice Brun, Yves Du Terrailand Roland Riva, CEA-DEN, SIMaP, (France)

·         Modeling Vortex with 3D CFD,
Grégory Guyot, Hela Maaloul and Antoine Archer, EDF-CIH, EDF R&D, (France)

·         Modelling combined wave-current flows using a RANS CFD solver with emphasis on the effect of the turbulent closure model,
Maria João Teles, Michel Benoit and António A. Pires-Silva,TU Lisbon, Portugal, Labo. St. Venant, (France)

·         3-D oil spill model: Application to the “Happy Bride” accident,
Cédric Goeury, Jean-Michel Hervouet and Olivier Bertrand, EDF, (France)

·         Modelling Sediment Resuspension in Industrial Tanks using SPH,
Georgios Fourtakas, Benedict D. Rogers and Dominique Laurence, University of Manchester, (UK)

·         A 3-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Flow over a broad Crested Side Weir, Mohammad   R. Namaee, Toosi University of Technology, Mohammad Rostami, S. Jalaledini and Mahdi Habibi, Soil Conversation & Watershed Management Research Institute, (Iran)


16:15  Closing