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September 12th

New trends in modelling for marine, river & urban hydraulics

Session Chair: Ph. Gourbesville


9:00-9:30: Opening

Pierre-Louis Viollet, Chaiman of SHF’s Scientific Comittee

Daniel Loudière, Chairman of SHF,

Philippe Gourbesville, Polytech Nice-Sophia-Antipolis University - LOC Chairman


9:30-11:00: Keynotes

·         Latest trends in water modeling: perspective & future,
Poul Kronborg, DHI (Spain)

·         3-dimensional modeling of free surface flows: applications and current developments,
Jean-Michel Hervouet, Emile Razafindrakoto and Chi-Tuân Pham , EDF, (France)


11:00-11:30: Coffee break


11:30-12:30: Session 1: Coupling of models (part 1)


·         Flood Modelling – What Next? Dr Jon Wicks, Halcrow –CH2M HILL, UK

·          Coupling 1-D and 2-D models for simulating floods: definition of the exchange terms,
André Paquier and Pierre - Henri Bazin, IRSTEA,( France)

·        Multiphysics and Multiscale Coupling for Wave Height Modeling in Le Havre Harbor, Nicolas Guillou and Georges Chapalain, CETME, Technopôle Brest-Iroise, (France)

11:30-12:30: Session 2: Data assimilation & uncertainties (part 1)


·         Information handling in interdisciplinary hydro-environment engineering projects,
Frank Molkenthin, So ChiYu Li, K. Vikram Notay, BTU Cottbus, (Germany)

·         Towards SWOT data assimilation for hydrology: automatic calibration of global flow routing model parameters in the Amazon basin,
Mélodie Mouffe, Augusto Getirana, Sophie Ricci, Christine Lion, Sylvain Biancamaria, Aaron Boone, Nelly Mognard and Philippe Rogel, CNES CERFACS, LEGOS, (France)

·         Hydrological data assimilation using the Kalman Filter algorithm for the correction of rainfall forcing: case study of the Lez catchment in Southern France,
Elizabeth Harader, Valérie Estupina-Borrell, Sophie Ricci, Mathieu Coustau, Olivier Thual, Christophe Bouvier and Andrea Piacentini, URA CERFACS-CNRS, Hydrosciences Montpellier, (France)


12:30-14:00: Lunch


14:00-16:00: Session 3: Coupling of models (part 2)

Session Chair: A. Paquier


·         The effect of tidal boundary condition in the river mouth,
Lian Guey Ler, Gye Woon Choi, Hyoseon Park and Philippe Gourbesville, University of Incheon, Korea , Polytech’ Nice,( France)

·         Multivariable model predictive control of water levels on a laboratory canal,
Klaudia Horváth, Galvis Eduard, Manuel Gómez Valentín, Technical University of Catalonia, (Spain)

·         Coastal current prediction using differential Evolution,
Andrea G. B. Tettamanzi, Milan University; Italy, Philippe Gourbesville, Polytech, Nice, (France)

·         The Panama locks-Numerical simulations & experimental models: the experience of the new Panama model,
Sébastien Roux, N Badano, Cie Nationale du Rhone, (France)

·         ProActive Parallel Suite: Open Source for Flooding Simulations in the CLOUDs. Denis Caromel, INRIA/Univ. Nice Sophia Antipolis/I3S-CNRS, ActiveEon SAS, (France)


14:00-16:00: Session 4: Data Assimilation & uncertainties (part 2)

Session Chair: S. Erpicum


·     Data assimilation on a flood wave propagation model : Emulation of a Kalman filter algorithm,
Sophie Ricci, Olivier Thual, Olivier Pannekouche, Sébastien Barthélémy, Floriane Ninove and P.O. Malaterre, CERFACS, Météo France, IRSTEA, (France)

·      Estimation of lateral inflows using data assimilation in the context of realtime flood forecasting in the Marne catchment in France,
Johan Habert, Sophie Ricci, Etienne Le Pape, Andrea Piacentini, Olivier Thual, Gabriel Joinville, Nicole Goutal, Fabrice Zaoui and Riadh Ata, DREAL Champagne-Ardenne, CERFACS,  EDF - R &D, (France)

·         Flood warning systems and ubiquitous computing,
Philippe Gourbesville, Jelena Batica, Jean Yves Tigli, Stephane Lavirotte, Gaetan Rey and Durairaju Kumaran Raju, Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, (France)

·         Statistical Detection of Contaminations in Water Distribution Network,
Francis Campan and Lionel Fillatre,Pierre Antoine Jarrige,Université de Technologie de Troyes, SAFEGE, ONDEO Systems,(France)

·         Data assimilation for hydraulics state estimation of a development project,
Nelly Jean-Baptiste, Pierre-Olivier Malaterre, Christophe Doree and Jacques Sau,CNR, IRSTEA, (France)

·         Local sensitivity for uncertainty analysis in one-dimensional open channel flow modelling;
Carole Delenne, Vincent Guinot and Bernard Cappelaere, Hydrosciences Montpellier, (France)


16:00-16:30: Coffee break


16:30-18:30 : Session 5 : Urban flooding

Session Chair: P. Sauvaget


·         Upscaled shallow water equations for urban flood modelling: Multiple porosity models,
Vincent Guinot and Carole Delenne, Université Montpellier 2 - HSM, (France)

·         Modeling flood in an urban area: Validation of numerical tools against experimental data,
Quentin Araud, Pascal Finaud-Guyot, Robert Mosé, José Vazquez, Fabrice Lawniczak, IMFS, (France)

·        Three-way coupled models for a better representation and understanding of the phenomena of flooding in the city of Bolbec
Valérie Banneville and Sandrine Vidal, DHI, (France)

·         Study of flow in a staircase at Subway station,
Wlaid Bouchenafa, Nassima Mouhous-Voyneau and Philippe Sergent, CETMEF, (France)

·         GIS application for the assessment of low impact development effects on storm water runoff,
Seyyed Mohmmad Reza Eslami and Asiye Mehraban, EUROAQUAE, (France)


16:30-18:30: Session 6: Data & uncertainties in hydraulic modelling

Session Chair: O. Thual

·         Dam break flow modelling with uncertainty analysis,
Benjamin Dewals, PierreArchambeau, Sébastien Erpicum and Michel Pirotton, Université de Liège, (Belgium)

·         Coupling TOMAWAC and EUROTOP for wave overtopping predictions,
Nicolas Chini and Peter K. Stansby, University of Manchester,( U.K)

·         Composite modeling to enhance hydraulic structures studies,
Sebastien Erpicum, Benjamin J. Dewals, Pierre Archambeau and Michel Pirotton, Université de Liège, (Belgium)

·         Field survey data and model results distribution - An approach with SQL and Thredds,
Chengzi Chew, jacob Tornfeldt, DHI GROUP, (Denmark, Sandro Carneil, CNR ISMAR (Italy) 

.    SWASHES: a library for benchmarking in hydraulics, Stéphane Cordier, Frédéric Darboux, Olivier Delestre, François James, Pierre-Antoine Ksinant, Christian Laguerre and Carine Lucas, Université de Nice, (France)


19:00 Welcome Cocktail